Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Lara Stapleton
07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Lara Stapleton
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with 20 years experience teaching in Scaravelli Inspired, Hatha and Yin Yoga traditions.
I take my students on a deep and explorative inner journey of the body and mind through intelligent yoga
I specialise in healing back pain, injury and emotional trauma
Yoga is about being empowered through your own body, feeling alive, listening and being respectful to whats going on deeply inside
I’m wholeheartedly passionate about teaching, nurturing and facilitating positive change


Yogaroma was founded by myself in 2004. Having trained extensively as a yoga teacher and aromatherapist, i believe that this specific combination – a Scaravelli Inspired Yoga class incorporating the use of oils or followed by an aromatherapy massage treatment – will give you a complete holistic experience, working on all aspects of your being – physical, emotional and spiritual.

The ‘Yogaroma Experience’ begins with a private yoga session tailored to the individuals needs with specific focus on breath, creating space and expansion, alignment, gravity, awareness and allowing the mind and body to surrender and let go. It is followed straight afterwards by an aromatherapy massage. Oils are blended specifically to the individual, as they are absorbed into the body they act directly on the sense of smell, having a very profound effect on the emotional body, releasing tension, pain, stress and relaxing the senses.

As a trained aromatherapist since 2004, I work very holistically, energetically and intuitively. Essential oils are blended specially to the individuals needs and they have a very profound affect on the emotional body and psyche, relieving stress, anxiety, helping with trauma, adrenal fatigue, hormonal conditions, menopause to name but a few.

For more information on booking treatments at my treatment room in Queens Park NW6 …

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Monday 9.30-11am
Hatha/Scaravelli Inspired @ Yogaloft

Wednesday 10.30am-12pm
Scaravelli Inspired @ Triyoga Ealing

Wednesday 12.15pm-1.30pm
Yin Yoga @ Triyoga Ealing

Thursday 7.35pm-9.05pm
Hatha/Scaravelli Inspired @ Yogaloft


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Scaravelli Yoga

Filmed in India while I was teaching a retreat, this promo gives you a deeper insight and understanding into the foundational principles of Scaravelli Inspired Yoga and what a healing, nurturing and intelligent practice it is. An invitation to take an inward journey and explore the body and the deep SELF from the inside out without force …

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The practice of Scaravelli Inspired Yoga uses the earth’s energy to release the weight of the body towards gravity, which creates elongation and space along the spine and an effortless breath. It’s a deeply nurturing and grounding practice and very primal, allowing you to get in contact with the creature inside yourself without imposing other layers.

It focuses on peeling back the layers and unfolding the body from the inside without force. As you learn to move from the natural flow of the breath and surrender to gravity, it creates a wave like movement in the spine. From the wave, your practice can unfold into beautiful rhythmical spirals and formations … its spontaneous and the breath and spine dance together.

It’s profoundly healing in working with areas of resistance, tension, injury and deep emotional blockages. Its NOT a passive practice, small micro movements or larger wave like movements are taking place inside the body all the time. Your unfolding, unravelling and unwinding the body…allowing it to go where it wants to go without force or pushing or pulling.

Movement that is born out of the breath has beauty, grace and softness. You are working from the inside out and moving with total awareness through listening and attentiveness … this helps to focus the mind. It’s a meditative practice. There is also a lot of focus on the feet and coming up from the ground into the feet … the legs … the pelvis … to set the spine free. This way of working can be strong but deeply grounding.

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  • RHYTHM is one of the most powerful pleasures, and when we feel a pleasurable rhythm we hope it will continue. When it does, it grows sweeter. When it becomes reliable , we are in a kind of body heaven ~ Mary Oliver 
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  • BOOK OF THE WEEK ~ enriching, wise, steeped in knowledge and truth....Iyengar one of the great yoga masters of our time..🙏
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  • Back from my travels to Santa Fe with lots of beautiful new insights and knowledge...
Are you ready for a deep immersion this week?
Open classes will be flowing with abundance...COME JOIN ME ON THE MAT!
Monday 9.30-11am Hatha/Scaravelli @yogaloftlondon 
Wednesday 10.30am-12pm Scaravelli Inspired @triyogauk Ealing
Wednesday 12.15-1.30pm Yin Yoga @triyogauk Ealing
Thursday 7.35-9.05 Hatha/Scaravelli @yogaloftlondon .
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  • Homemade Chandra Dahl...
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  • The full moon window in the prajna temple...
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Lara’s teaching is truly inspirational. She has a calming presence that has managed to make me, one of the most distracted people I know, focused and mindful whilst still challenging myself in the safe, restorative and inspiring environment she provides. I am always energised after my classes with her and look forward to them immensely. The balance of physical and spiritual learning I get from every session is something I hope to continue for a very long time. I feel lucky to have found her as a teacher.

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Time To Log Off, London

My yoga experience with Lara stayed with me for a long time…Amazing lady with the perfect touch. I just need enough time to have more of Lara in my life!

Tina Hobley

Actress, London

I would like to thank you for arranging the most amazing yoga holiday which surpassed even my best hopes for the week. Lara is a teacher on a different level. If there was a bronze, silver and gold level, Lara would undoubtedly come in at the platinum level

Nicky Pearson

Personal Assistant, London

Lovely Lara, you are filled with love and light that oozes out of your pores! Thanks so much for being so passionate and caring with your gifts; you have so much to give and I am sure our paths will cross again; the perfect ‘unwind’ for a wound up me – very grateful



Thank you so much for your dedication, enthusiasm and kindness this week. I arrived as an inexperienced and unsure student and I am leaving with enough knowledge and belief in my spine, lungs and feet to enjoy all future yoga experiences. My upper body (spine, ribs etc) has really opened up this week and I am grateful for you facilitating that. Thank you for everything. You are amazingly inspirational and I wish you every happiness that life can offer you. You deserve nothing less



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