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Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Lara Stapleton
07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury



Attending a workshop with me is a great way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the practices I teach as there is more time to go into practical and philosophical detail, answer questions you may have that haven’t been bought up in an open class and it’s a deeper immersion and experience of the practice. A workshop can be anywhere from about 3 hours to a full day. Workshops are mainly themed and focus specifically on an area of the body for example the spine, the psoas or diaphragm. They can also focus on an element of the practice which I feel my students would benefit hugely from, such as therapeutic yoga and the use of props, the art of healing, exploring gravity and beyond.

Wisdom of the Belly

Saturday 16th November 2019
3.30pm – 6pm

Price £30

Evolve Wellness Centre
10 Kendrick Mews, London SW7

Whole body wisdom comes from the belly and it’s the epicentre that holds the seeds of our power, self worth and confidence.

Known as the 2nd brain its also where we hold stress, emotional trauma and where the sympathetic nervous system fires our ‘fight and flight’ mechanism playing havoc on gut health, digestion and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

In this workshop we will explore yoga asanas, meditation, breathing practices and sensory perception techniques to restore vitality and balance to the gut. Calming the mind can have a profound effect on the gut-brain axis and help with conditions such IBS, constipation, bloating and acid reflux.

The wind channels of the belly also known as samana vayu assimilate prana and collect energy absorbed through breath, food, sensory perception and mental experiences to process and empower all aspects of life. When samana is healthy we benefit from strong digestion, vitality and balance but when weak we struggle with assimilating not only what we physically consume but our mental and emotional experience.

More information and to book, visit Evolve

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