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Specialist in easing back pain

Awakening the Vital Psoas Muscle – Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop

Evolve Yoga Workshop November 2016

By letting go, giving to the ground, giving to
gravity and allowing this unfolding to take place we
are able to attain a greater state of consciousness
and freedom, as well as allowing the body to heal
from the inside out.

Lara Stapleton

With Lara Stapleton @ Evolve, London
Date: Saturday 26th November
Time: 2-4.30pm
Price: £30

A shortened or tightened psoas muscle can result in lower back pain, anxiety, knee strain or exhaustion. A healthy psoas is key to your structural stability, posture and it influences the freedom of movement in the joints. This workshop explores how physical and emotional blockages held in the psoas affect the mobility and flexibility of the skeletal structure and spine

We will explore the relationship of the psoas to the fear reflex and childhood conditioning. Moving through the practice you will work on areas of resistance and injury in a deep and nurturing way, you will gain a greater understanding of how to allow you body to open, unfold and undo tension without force using the fundamental Scaravelli Inspired principles of the ground, breath and spine.