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Specialist in easing back pain

A Sole Connection: The Feet are the Gateway to Transformation

A Sole Connection September 2017

With Lara Stapleton @ Evolve, London
Date: Saturday 16th September
Time: 3.30 to 6pm
Price: £30

The feet are the root and foundation of the temple of the body. Yet many people end up standing and walking for a lifetime on fallen or weakened arches which leads to compression of the ankle joints, strain on the spine and a painful posture. In this workshop we will explore the mechanics and complexity of the feet and learn how we require a solid foundation to support the balance, dynamic action and fluidity in the upper parts of the body.

Waking the feet up, getting them strong, flexible, balanced, aligned, rooted and resilient is a basic starting point to building an intelligent yoga practice.

Healthy, open and awakened feet free the spine, support the internal organs and work with many neurological pathways through the body. It’s time to get grounded and reconnected.