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Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Lara Stapleton
07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury


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Lara’s Blog

Behind the Screen – Teaching on Zoom and Supporting the Sangha
By Lara Stapleton
July 2020

Lara's Yogaroma Blog

These last few months have been a surreal time for sure but also a time of deep reflection and rebirth. To PAUSE is something we have all needed for a long time. When the pandemic hit, the rug was pulled from underneath all our feet at super speed and we were in lockdown with barely anytime to comprehend what was actually happening. It bought up a whole host of feelings and emotions for all of us. I definitely felt I was riding the waves of different sensations and emotions daily but my sanctuary became presence and radical acceptance. Stepping into the unknown and being ok with it, letting go of the control, surrendering the ego mind, not easy of course, but just having that daily awareness around it helps to shift blocks in our own conditioning.

Being thrown into the arena of online teaching was daunting at first and I had my reservations for sure. I had just recovered from Covid-19 and had to essentially reinvent myself and translate the teachings online. But I always had a voice inside of me saying ‘continue to support the sangha, they need you, continue to be of service and support to the community at large’.

As a Scaravelli Inspired Yoga teacher and coming from the felt sense, working organically and naturally with the subtle body, I was at first unsure how the teachings were going to translate across a screen. Part of what I am passionate about as a teacher is being in the energy of the space with all my students, being hands on, guiding them and most importantly listening to them. There is a profound energy that passes from student to teacher and teacher to student in my experience. Also I am not naturally a tech/video kind of girl. I shy away from all that as much as I can, so I was having to let go of some of my own doubts around that, in a sense step through the veil (the screen) of my own samskaras to support the sangha and most importantly treat the process lightly and with compassion. What unfolded over these last few months has been beautiful, raw, real and more heartfelt than I could ever have imagined. The sangha, the connection and the inclusion of all runs deep in times of crisis, especially in one of this magnitude where everyone is affected by it.

The yogic path is to be of service selflessly and considered the most important part of any spiritual practice. It lies at the heart of karma yoga and asks to serve others without expectation of outcome. Being of service to the community, the Yogaloft sangha and all my students during this time was something I wanted to do more than ever. The calling within me to support, nuture and hold the sangha during this very challenging and often rocky time was so profound. Its been a most humbling experience which I feel has created a deeper connection and awareness through our own community and globally. Lets pray that people can really start to consciously wake up and make significant and positive changes for the inclusion of all beings on our planet and that as we return back to the studios we can support the union of all both in the studio and in our virtual spaces.

With gratitude and a deep bow

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