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Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Lara Stapleton
07946 663 443
International Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist with a speciality in back pain and injury

Retreats Testimonials

Retreats Testimonials

I have really enjoyed meeting you and learning how to move from the feet up – I will hence forth liberate my spine!



“Thank you so much for your dedication, enthusiasm and kindness this week in beautiful Tigmi. I arrived as an inexperienced and unsure student and I am leaving with enough knowledge and belief in my spine, lungs and feet to enjoy all future yoga experiences. My upper body (spine, ribs etc) have really opened up this week and I am grateful for you facilitating that. Thank you for everything. You are amazingly inspirational and I wish you every happiness that life can offer you. You deserve nothing less”



I had the absolute privilege and pleasure to join one of Lara’s yoga retreats in Morocco a few weeks ago. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it was one of the best experiences of my life. The yoga and the spiritual journey that the yoga connected us to during the week was immense. Lara’s style of yoga is simply inspiring. I was honoured to watch each of the 16 in the group change and expand their practice as the week went on.

My body and mind were nurtured beyond my wildest dreams and in the space of one week I came back feeling refreshed, full of vitality and with an amazing sense of peace and wellbeing. Lara is passionate, intense in her belief of the body mind connection and is almost obsessive with ensuring her students get the very best from her class. She takes time with each individual, she doesn’t rush, she listens to and reads her group and somehow manages to push you and get you to go far beyond what you think is possible without you realising you’re being pushed. She has inspired me, helped me grow and has touched a part of my soul this week that I will never forget. Quite simply – she is outstanding!!


The Healthy Spirit

A poem from a student …

Sometime things happen, not sure why
You walk away, promise harder to try
A moment in time happy to share
With other people who equally care

For a novice perhaps not a place
Yet a lack of welcome not a trace
For seven days what would I do
I came truly not having a clue

With breathing I would learn to thrive
Make the organism come alive
Like a chick slowly finding my wings
Be lost in the chants that Lara sings

This week was about a brand new start
And now the time has come to part
Would any of this be really for me
Anything practical would I see

I was hurt, told beyond repair
Yet given hope with gentle care
Behind the class in every way
Except I celebrated every day

No one can know what another feels
How sometimes a word the future steals
Or how a gentle push can open a door
By breathing deeply on a concrete floor

Under the hot Moroccan sun
I am very happy with what i have done
The unrepairable has started to heal
The impossible is nonsense I now feel

Towards sunshine always happy to fly
To another continent something new to try
I did not know how well you’d teach
And one happy place that i would reach

My toes and heels solid on the ground
The wave within I have even found
Thank you for your faith, for believing in me
These few days will sometime set me free



I would like to thank you for arranging the most amazing yoga holiday which surpassed even my best hopes for the week. Lara is a teacher on a different level. If there was a bronze, silver and gold level, Lara would undoubtedly come in at the platinum level

Nicky Pearson

Personal Assistant, London

Lara, thank you so much for an amazing week! I have loved your presence and engagement – it has been a real gift to experience! Also, I think I have learnt something profound about preparation and creating movement from grounding which is transferrable to many parts of life. Thank you.



Lovely Lara, you are filled with love and light that oozes out of your pores! Thanks so much for being so passionate and caring with your gifts; you have so much to give and I am sure our paths will cross again; the perfect ‘unwind’ for a wound up me – very grateful



“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful week of yoga and getting in touch with my inner me! It has been inspirational and lots of fun too. I have learnt so much that I will now try and apply it to my own yoga practice (my new resolution is to do at least one proper practice at home per week and I now have the confidence to do that!. My downward dogs will be never be the same again now i know i should be treating my spine like a living breathing animal!”



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