Yogaroma - A combination of Hatha Scaravelli Yoga and Aromatherapy Massage

Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
Specialist in easing back pain

Yoga And Meditation

Style – Hatha and Scaravelli Yoga

HATHA YOGA is an ancient discipline, which has been practiced for thousands of years. It is not only hugely beneficial for greater fitness and vitality, improving flexibility and strength, but also the tools and techniques mastered through the practice of yoga give you mental clarity, focus and self awareness. This in turn leads to a more profound existence of harmony, acceptance and happiness in all areas of your life. Living in the present, moment to moment.

SCARAVELLI YOGA focuses on the ground, the breath and the spine. Releasing the weight of your body towards the earth and lengthening your spine will allow the earth’s energy to move throughout your body freely and create an effortless breath. You will discover a natural “wave-like movement” in your spine. Your mind becomes focused and your body, free of tension.

‘By letting go, giving to the ground, giving to gravity and allowing this unfolding to take place we are able to attain a greater state of consciousness and freedom, as well as allowing the body to heal from the inside out’ –
Lara Stapleton