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Yoga and Meditation | Breath

I put a huge amount of emphasis and focus on BREATH when I teach. ‘Without the breath we don’t exist, yet so many of us are totally unaware of our breath or how it moves and feels within our bodies’. I have noticed the incredible effect through pranayama, specific breathing techniques and most profoundly allowing the breath TO BE, how the body can heal, unfold and open in such a profound way. The breath oxygenates the brain, if gives us energy, it allows cells in the body to repair and grow, it releases toxins and stagnant energy. Breathing is the essence of yoga.

The following extracts are taken from Sandra Sabatini’s book ‘Breath the essence of Yoga – a guide to inner stillness’

Breath naturally, without forcing.
No pressure
No disturbance
Nothing should interfere with the tide-like movement of our lungs as we breath in and out