Yogaroma - A combination of Hatha Scaravelli Yoga and Aromatherapy Massage

Lara Stapleton |  07946 663 443
Specialist in easing back pain

Yoga and Meditation | Meditation

I had reaped the benefits of a physical yoga practice for some years. But it was when I experienced a deeply painful herniated disc injury in my lower back that I turned my attention and interest to meditation. Through the disciplined and committed practice of meditation I was able to explore beyond the realms of my physical injury and dive deeper into the emotional and spiritual body. I discovered as I worked with different breathing techniques, mantras and visualisations and allowed the body and mind to just BE during meditation that the pain and discomfort in my body began to release and disappear completely.

‘It was so profound to me that I could release deep rooted emotional blockages in the body that were so evidently associated to my back pain, the the art of meditation has become paramount in both my self practice and teaching.
To be able to help others release pain, discomfort, unhappiness and trauma in the body and mind and to evolve into a more joyful, effortless and peaceful existence is a beautiful thing’.

Lara Stapleton